Basic player charts for everybody! (880 free charts for your next post)

I thought that as a public service, I would put together a source for simple statistical charts of NBA player production. The first one has really basic per-game and per-48 statistics, but there are more planned for this series. I’ve got it set up as a Google Spreadsheet which will update daily, and which generates Google Charts which anyone can copy/paste/steal/leech/whatever — in fact, I hope that someone finds them useful. The first set of charts features Per-Game Output breakdowns, like:

S Marion Breakdown

And Per-48 Positional Comparisons, like this:

S O'Neal Position Comparison


Without further ado, I present the Basic Player Chart Generator Spreadsheet.

Feel free to use any of the charts in any application you wish, just a) copy the image itself, or b) use the URL as an image link. Also, you can embed the entire spreadsheet in any page using the following code, just copy and paste it in its entirety:

<iframe width=’500′ height=’300′ frameborder=’0′ src=’//

Anyway, I hope you find it useful. Please don’t hesitate to offer any comments, questions, criticisms, and I am especially interested in hearing what kind of charts would be useful for the future–things that people might make use of in their own blogs.



5 responses to “Basic player charts for everybody! (880 free charts for your next post)

  1. That’s pretty cool, if I do say so my self. slap some Ad Words on there and you are done

    Great work,

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  3. Boo Hoo… No worky. Sob, sob, oh no..

  4. spreadsheet link seems dead? congrats on the 50 cool things you can do w/ google charts api… but I’d like to see it in full action -thx

  5. Yeah… it appears as though Google has eaten it. I’m sorry, all…

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