Faces of the NBA

By now, you’ve probably seen the NYT article depicting MLB managerial styles as Chernoff faces. Well, I of course, could not let it go by without producing on of my own: NBA Chernoff Faces! There is a key included in the graphic describing what statistical factors impact which facial features, and I tried to assign these somewhat intuitively (which was hard: I actually just managed to make better passers have bigger eyes, high scorers/high minutes guys have bigger heads, well-rounded players have, well, rounded heads, good shooters have bigger smiles, cheesy things like that). The colors are coded just like I always do: red means more scoring, green implies more passing/steals and blue indicates more rebounding/blocks. I thought I’d start with just 25 players to give you all an idea of how it looks, I might bust out some huge 225-player monstrosity in the near future. Stay tuned…

Faces of the NBA (click above for full size) [PNG]

PS. The best part is that Jason Kidd looks seriously wigged out. I think these should replace the official portraits always associated with a player when they appear on TV or when you go to their player page on ESPN, etc.

PPS. I had to edit the code to allow me to change the font size and make use of color. If you would like the new (R) code, leave a comment, or email me.

2 responses to “Faces of the NBA

  1. I love Chernoff faces, and would love to see the code.

    Although I have never gotten over the suspicion that they are more of a gimmick than a useful tool for conveying information. I hope I am wrong, cuz they are seriously cool.

  2. Great stuff. Herman Chernoff is my great-uncle. I’ll send him a link to this.

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