How did I do?

Yesterday, I linked to projections I’d made for the Championship game between Memphis and Kansas. I predicted a Kansas win, 71.07 to 70.74. On the plus side, these projections round to a tie, which we had going in to the first overtime. Also on the plus side the projected sum of points (141.81) is very close to the actual sum of points (143), and I did have Kansas winning. On the negative side, I needed an overtime (which I did not actually predict) to get point totals anywhere near my prediction, and I had it ending a little closer than it was. We did have a buzzer beater, though, which I am willing to say I predicted. Actually, having reasons to root for both teams, I was mostly pulling hard for a final score of 71 to 70 or something like that, and I’m not too disappointed. Here is how I did on the rest of my projections… none to well, unsuprisingly:

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