Boston v. the field remix

An alert reader pointed out that some of the predictions I made earlier were total nonsense. The first group, where I pick series winners and probabilities of winning, I stand by, but the second group, where I place odds on winning it all, those are not so good.

So I redid them, and actually tried this time, instead of being lazy, and here is what I came up with:

team p(title)
bos 0.272126
det 0.116574
lal 0.091853
san 0.082671
nor 0.078856
hou 0.071202
pho 0.062373
orl 0.054235
uta 0.046801
dal 0.03739
den 0.030089
cle 0.018941
was 0.013058
tor 0.010618
phi 0.009039
atl 0.004175

These make a little bit more sense… the Western Conference teams hurt each others’ odds a little bit, and we’re left with Detroit and Boston taking advantage of a somewhat easier time of it in the east. The spreadsheet I used can be seen here.  Apologies for doing such a shoddy job the first time around. I’m sticking with these as my official word, and I still don’t give Utah much of a chance.

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