The People’s Statistic Project

Thought I’d point you to the People’s Statistic Project: Go and make your voice heard, I’ll have some analysis of the project up later.

8 responses to “The People’s Statistic Project

  1. Limit values to -5 to 5 or something like that. No action is worth more than 2 successful possessions.

  2. rapidadverbssuck

    Good call. I just went in, and someone had made pfs worth 20,000,000. So I capped them at +/- 10. I figured that way, people could make a big impact, but no one person could decide the whole thing.

  3. This is cool. Is there anyway to add a feature where you can see how players rank under the values that you submit?

  4. a fair number of folks are forgetting the negative sign for negative acts. maybe remind them about in the stat writeup more prominently or convert values to negative where it “should” be? the mistakes might have a fairly large effect unless folks get the hang of it

  5. rapidadverbssuck

    Well, if you investigate the page where I do the weight conversion, you’ll see that I do somewhat of a little trick: first, I normalize all the weights relative to the weight of Points (which is why points is always equal to 1), and take the absolute value. Then, when I’m adding all the stats together to get the PS values, I subtract the bad things, and add the good things. If we can’t all agree that a missed shot is bad, and an offensive rebound is good, I think there’s no hope for consensus. So I figured this would be ok to do. This is useful, because it makes it unimportant whether or not respondents take it upon themselves to make things negative. Also, for what it’s worth, my way of averaging and weighting everything isn’t the be all and end all statistic–it’s just useful for the time being. The data is available for anyone to use… someone might, for example, construct a scaling using the modal (i.e. “most popular” ) response for each stat, etc. etc. Thanks for participating, and spread the word!

  6. Ok.

    Would be nice to see categories next to weights. On the google spreadsheet I just see what I think are the average weights where the labels were, but aren’t now, having been overwritten. Am I missing something? This should be very prominent and very easy to find.

  7. I now see what I asked about way to right on leaderboard spreadsheet but that isn’t visible unless you scroll right. Maybe add another google spreadsheet page for this?

  8. I see that column now.

    Good project.

    Results are pretty in the pocket at the moment.

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