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Plotting the colors

Here is my contribution to a growing “literature” on Mechanical Turk color-naming: Dolores Labs paid MechaTurks to apply labels to 10,000 color swatches, and offer a cool color explorer (hat tip to Infosthetics). They generously made the data available, and some public-minded soul cleaned up the data. A Mr. Wattenburg took the first shot at aesthetic presentation, and as FlowingData has noted, his version is an improvement. Neoformix produced an even more kicked-up version. Thus concludes my lit review…

I took the cleaned-up data and narrowed it down to those color names applied at least twice. For each unique label, I found the mean RGB values, and estimated a distance matrix based on each colorname’s characteristics. This distance matrix I then fed into the two newest ways of visualizing the Dolores Labs Mechanical Turk Color Data (DLMTCD): network and cluster diagrams!

DLMTCD cluster diagram [pdf]

Network with white background, different algorithm [pdf]

DLMTCD network diagram [pdf]

The size of the vertices is a function of the number of times that color label is applied. Note that the network diagram employs transparency for easy reading, so the color you see is not exactly the color presented to the MTs. The nice thing about the pdf format is that you can zoom in and out and pan around as much as you want, and ctrl-f allows you to find any term in the network. Let me know what you think in the comments, and many thanks to Dolores Labs.