The best of the WNBA, updated daily

Borrowing from the extremely useful DougStats, and making use of Google Docs, I present a (more-or-less) daily-updated list of the 100 most valuable WNBA players, using the BoxScores methodology.

WNBA Top 100 BoxScores

easy URL:

As I said, this ought to be updated more-or-less daily, and should serve as an easy, quick reference to see the state of the WNBA. For the uninitiated, BoxScores attempt to estimate the value of each individual player in terms of contributions to team success, and the unit being estimated is wins. Thus, as of this posting, we can see that rookie Candace Parker leads the league with a 3.76 BoxScore/wins created, followed by Lindsay Whalen with 3.34… odd that Whalen failed to make the Olympic team, being that she is the second most valuable WNBA player in the league right now.

Note: Since the regression coeffeicients employed in Model-Estimated Value (MEV) were fitted for the NBA, it is unclear whether or not their values translate identically to WNBA play–that is, a steal in the WNBA may be worth more than in the NBA, or less, etc. However, based on the work of others, I’m assuming there is relatively little difference between the leagues on this front, and since the formula is applied evenly across all WNBA players, I will assume that the differnces even out on average. Let me know if you find this list useful, and whether or not the ranking seems to mesh with your own subjective perceptions.


One response to “The best of the WNBA, updated daily

  1. Seems to me that interior players overall are overvalued. I don’t think you’ll find anyone who will say Ann Wauters is one of the five best players in the league.

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