Other output

My personal homepage at Duke can be found here.

Many of the graphs and tables seen on this blog (and some not seen here) can be seen at Envisioning the NBA.

I learned a little JavaScript, and so I made the Love-o-Graph, which is also available as an OpenSocial Gadget, or a Google Gadget for your Google homepage, or any page.

I’ve also made this little time-o-graph.

Several of the websites I’ve designed and maintained are listed here.

I am an avid casual photographer, and some of my favorite photos can be found on flickr.


One response to “Other output

  1. Hi Dave!
    You may not remember me but I lived across from you in the dorms freshman year at Vanderbilt. I was browsing through Twitter and came across your site. Anyway, hope things are going well for you at Duke as I’m headed to University of Michigan.


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